Gledhill HE Condensing Parts & Spares Guide

Maximise Your Gledhill HE Condensing Boiler Performance: A Comprehensive parts & Spares Guide.

Your Gledhill HE Condensing boiler is a vital component of your home's heating system, ensuring comfort and warmth throughout the year. To help you understand its functionality better, here's a breakdown of the key parts and their roles:

  • Gas Valve & Venturi Assembly GT517: This assembly regulates the flow of gas into the boiler, ensuring precise combustion for efficient heating.

  • Burner Gasket (For All Models) GT990: The burner gasket forms a tight seal between the burner and the boiler, preventing gas leaks and optimizing combustion.

  • Ignition Electrode GT998: Responsible for igniting the gas-air mixture, the ignition electrode initiates the combustion process in the boiler.

  • Ionisation Electrode GT996: The ionisation electrode detects the presence of a flame by sensing the ions generated during combustion, ensuring safe and continuous operation.

  • Gasket For Ionisation Electrode GT995: This gasket seals the ionisation electrode in place, preventing gas leakage and ensuring accurate flame detection.

  • Overheat Thermostat GT455: The overheat thermostat serves as a safety mechanism, shutting down the boiler if it detects excessive temperatures, preventing damage or accidents.

  • Manual Air Vent GT454: This vent allows trapped air to escape from the boiler system, ensuring optimal performance and preventing airlocks.

  • Fan Assembly GT335: The fan assembly facilitates the proper combustion of gas by supplying the necessary air flow to the burner.

  • Flue Temperature Sensor GT334: This sensor monitors the temperature of the flue gases, ensuring they are within safe operating limits and optimizing energy efficiency.

  • Temperature Sensors (Flow & Return) GT333: These sensors monitor the temperature of the water entering and leaving the boiler, enabling precise control of heating output.

  • Condense Trap GT330: The condense trap collects and removes condensed water from the boiler, preventing corrosion and blockages in the system.

  • Control PCB GT107: The control PCB (printed circuit board) regulates the boiler's operation, controlling various functions such as ignition, temperature, and safety features.

  • On/off Switch GT034: This switch allows you to manually turn the boiler on or off, providing convenience and control over its operation.

  • Piece For Condense Connection GD920: This component facilitates the connection of the condensate drain pipe, ensuring proper drainage of condensed water from the boiler.

  • Yellow Condense Cap GD112: The yellow condensate cap covers the condensate drain outlet, preventing debris from entering and blocking the drain pipe.

Understanding these components and their functions will empower you to better maintain and troubleshoot your Gledhill HE Condensing boiler, ensuring reliable performance and prolonging its lifespan. If you encounter any issues or require assistance, don't hesitate to seek professional help from a qualified technician.